Like most management companies, Osselaer offers a full range of services, including property management, accounting, financial reporting, collections, and the resale of homes.  In this diverse field, what distinguishes our company from the other management companies in Arizona?  Simple.  We make the quality of our services to our clients our number one priority.

     The differences between management firms are startling.  One reason for this is the cost of professional management.  Professional property management services cannot be secured for a discount price.  A legitimate property management company has an accounting and financial staff with established systems of checks and balances which protect owners from the misuse of their funds.  The professional management company has property managers with years of experience in construction, renovation, repairs, and maintenance.  Financial and management personnel participate in continuing education at staff meetings and seminars.  Experienced financial and management personnel apply tried-and-true solutions to the challenges they face daily.  We at Osselaer put these principles into practice to offer our clients the highest level of service available.

     Please use the buttons to the left to learn the finer points of the services we offer.  Bear in mind that all of these services are included in our overall proposal to manage your property.

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