Professional property management is a many-faceted endeavor, beginning with our knowledgeable staff to act as the liaison between boards and their fellow residents.  Our managers have expertise in property maintenance and each one is a team leader to coordinate other professionals on the management team, with the end result of meeting the goals of Boards and owners.  Our  managers must be available for all meetings, and will be required to visit their properties as often as necessary, but not less than twice per week.

     All of our property management activities culminate in the presentation of a monthly management report to each of our clients.  The report is presented in a binder-type format and divided into major headings for clarity and ease of reference.  The manager then leads the Board through a management report, legal report, correspondence, and miscellaneous items including contractors' proposals for work to be performed on the property.  Through our services, Boards can easily review events in the life of the property over the past month, and more-easily fulfill their true function as a decision making body.  Reports are always provided to the entire Board for their review prior to the Board Meeting.

     All service contracts will be reviewed by the property manager.  Suggestions will be made directly to the contractor while the property manager is on-site.  Follow-up recommendations will be made to the Board during the evaluation phase and throughout the term of service.  This is one of your property manager's primary responsibilities.  He or she must regularly meet with the contractors to upgrade the level of service provided to the community.

     New bids will be solicited as deemed appropriate by the management or the Board.  A minimum of three (3) bids will be requested for any project.  On large, capital improvement type jobs, R.F.P.s will be prepared and presented to all major service providers in the field of inquiry.  Osselaer does promote licensing and insurance requirements for all vendors expecting to work on our properties.


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