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     We are pleased to offer accounting services to each of our communities.  This includes the delivery each month to each Board Member a copy of the prior month's financial statement.  This statement includes: a cash flow statement, balance sheet, disbursements, general ledger, budget comparison, updated owner directory, and a delinquency report.

     The very core of accounting is the maintenance of accurate records, which is of the utmost importance to us at Osselaer.  These records document financial and maintenance activities of a given property, and are as important to the fiscal life of a property as medical records would be to an individual.  Our quality-driven record keeping includes the following components:
     1)  Accounts payable files are segregated by month to include an invoice, receipt of invoice, and a back-up copy of the check for every order.
     2)  Accounts receivable is updated daily via a wide area network directly connected to the bank.  Accurate cash balances are available at all times.
     3)  Individual unit files are established to contain every correspondence and transaction with residents.

     In addition, Osselaer offers "Accounting Only" services to clients who are not in need of the full property management experience.  This type of service will include the collection of all assessments as well as the receipt of the monthly financial report.

     While, by necessity, this is a brief description of the accounting services we offer, we would be pleased to answer any questions you have and invite you to contact us.


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